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 Solar-bollard with solar -powered LED lamps


Solar Bollard
This Decorative solar bollard with "self contained" rechargeable batteries. Simple user friendly design allows solar-Bollard to be maintenance free. Where  no external or incoming wiring is required, installation is simple - simply fasten  them to the ground area where there is direct sunlight to energize the built-in mult-crystallines solar cells. An intelligent solar sensor control gear also the lamps to switch off in the day , charging the lead acid batteries and provide illumination in the night. 
When fully charge it can light up for 10-12 hours .it can last up to 6-8 hours.

Novena - Solar powered LED buried uplighter


A solid die-cast aluminium solar powered "self contained" buried up lighter suitable for use on Driveways , Parks, Shopping malls, Footpaths,Courtyard and Cycling Tracks where there is direct sunlight to energize the built-in Multi Crystallines Solar Cells.
Its maintenance -free and no external wiring or incoming supply is required. Installation  is simple - simply embed them directly in soil ,cement or concrete.
When fully charged its can light up continuously up to 48 hours and it can with stand to 2000 kgs of driver over weight at 30 km
  • Power units - multi Crystallines Solar Cells
  • Power Voltage - 3.5v
  • Power Current -94 mA
  • storage unit -Lead acid battery
  • No of LEDs - 6 nos of Ultra bright led
  • Colour available - amber /blue/green/red /white
  • operation mode ,300 lux
  • min operation time - 12 hours /day
  • Operation wattage -3.8 w
  • Operation temperature -20c to +60 c
  • Max hours without sunlight -48 hours
  • IP rating IP 67
  • Average Life - 5 years
  • Warranty Life - 1 years

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