Space Ambience Innovative Lighting

illumination lighting solutions for your home and for projects of any scale.

Eline Light guides

  • continuous light strips with electroluminescent technology
  • LED guides  spotted light strips with LEDs
  • these technologies can be installed on stairs, walls, floors which help people guiding their way in dark public places.
Technical features
  • soft and uniform light for signal lighting
  • EL strips with lengths on request (max 20mt) with pre-wired male connectors
  • 8 EL's colors : snow white , lavender blue, magenta,red mint green ,lemon yellow, apricot orange,pink and turquoise blue.
  • power supply units with different light effects
  • up to 150 meters without singnal drop
  • low consumption
  • long lifespan of the system
  • electroluminescent flexible line :max length 20 meters
  • Indoor can be produce with different shapes and measures on request can be  utilized also without the aluminium profile.
  • power supply - effects - static light, flashing light, glittering light , fading light, dimmer ( 20VA up to 50meters . 80VA power supply up to 150 meter lines.)


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