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The right luminaires

For lighting in local authority buildings and amenities,  lamp and luminaires the luminaires commonly use are similar to those depicted here:-

  1. Recessed luminaries with parabolic specular reflector and cross-shielding e.g for offices with VDU workplaces.
  2. surface mounted ceiling luminaires with parabolic specular reflector and graded cross -shielding e.g for classrooms
  3. luminaires for damp interiors with clear diffuser bowl and specular reflector, dust and hose-proof e.g for indoor swimming pools.
  4. suspended workplace luminaire with parabolic specular louvers and partially indirect luminous flux. Prevents reflections on screens or glossy paper.
  5. Large-volume tube track system . different lamping possible in different sections. e.g fluorescent lamps or low-voltage tungsten halogen downlights and spotlights etc, for foyers.
  6. Luminaire in hospital ward system. for indirect general purpose lighting and separate reading lighting with anti glare shielding .smooth acrylic plastic enclosure
  7. recessed luminaires for low voltage tungsten halogen plain reflector lamp also for cool beam lamps.
  8. Downlights and wall floodlights for compact fluorescent lamps.
  9. surface-mounted or recessed downlights for metal halide lamps e.g for room with high ceilings such as gymnasiums or concert halls.
  10. Surface mounted rectangular grid luminaires for compact fluorscents lamp with parabolic reflector and cross shielding e.g for hallways ,foyers,conference rooms.
  11. High bay reflector luminaire for high pressure discharge lamps. with various optical control systems. for rooms with high ceiling such as sport halls and swimming pools.
  12. Post top luminaire for compact fluorescent lamps or low power high pressure discharges lamps.e.g for pedestrian precins and residential streets.
  13. Foothpath luminaires for compact fluorescent lamp or low power high pressure dischrage lamps. For glare free lighting in parks and residential areas.
  14. Floodlights for high pressure discharge lamps. with various optical control systems. For lighting larger squares from tall columns or for illuminating buildiings.
Review of luminaires
To meet the diverse technical , space -shaping and atmosphere lighting, and wide range of applications , a very large spectrum of luminaires has been developed.
The examples shown on these pages represent only a small selection. For instance, the more specialized luminaires for tunnels, railways,property protection,explosion-protected luminaires, air handling luminaires, clean room luminaires and many other are shown here.
  • recessed specular louver luminaire with three band fluorescent lamps for general lighting in rooms where VDUs are use
  • work zone pendant luminarires with three band fluorescent lamps for modern office lighting
  • Tubetrack luminaire with three band fluorescent lamps for general lighting e.g of meeting or communication zones and entrances areas
  • Recessed wall flood light with compact fluorescent lamps for illumination or highlighting of vertical surfaces, e.g. in salesrooms, exhibition halls, offices or corridors.
  • recesssed downlight with compact fluorescent lamp for decorative general lighting e.g in reception areas, shops, and restaurants.
  • spotlight with integrated transformer for use with low voltage halogen lamps for hight lighting smaller objects.
  • Track mounted luminaire with reflector and louver and three band fluorescent lamps for industrial lighting.
  • Specular high-bay luminaire with high pressure lamp for high industrial bays.
  • Wall luminaire for illuminated emergency warning or other sign with compact fluorescent lamps and single battery.
  • Impact resistant recessed sports hall luminaire with grid enclosure and three band fluorescent lamps.
  • Hospital care unit direct and indirect light, with three band fluorescent lamps
  • Street luminaire with high pressure sodium vapour lamp
  • Exterior luminaire with compact fluorescent lamps for decorative pedestrian precinct lighting.
  • Floodlights,asymmetrical beam, with high pressure sodium vapour lamps for illuminating buildings or for stadium lighting
  • crystal pendant luminaire for decorative incandescent lamps.
  • table luminaires with low voltage halogen lamp 
  • LEDs lighting 
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • solar lighting

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