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 flexo LED Flexo LED

Innovative lighting system with LED technology . The advantages are : flexibility, light wight, waterproof,long life and easy installation.

Compared to the glass neon is more easy to cut and it can be bent into a minimum radius of 4cm, the installation required only few time and most important the light source does not emit heat.

The products is available in two different versions: 240v or low voltage 24v ,this lat one with a power consumption of only 5.77w per meter. depending by the colors.

The light source is a string of 5mm LEDs opportunely  space and encapsulated into special oval shaped and opal jacket, to provide the light with uniformity and neon light brightness.

This products has a lifetime of up to 80,000 hours and the power feed used. compared to he glass neon . its more durable , resistant to impacts and it concurs an energetic saving of approximately 70%. 

Flexo LED is very easy to installed and with his minimized and light wight, is very simple to be packed and transported.


  • flexible profile with super brightness LED encapsulated inside the polymer material. Available in 230v /240v in different lights to realize long light lines or in 24v to realize shorter light lines in total safety. Flexo LED delivered in coil 50meters
  • scan controller - present simple light effects and light regulation such as strobo and fading. suitable for both version 240v or 24v
  • the maximum output current for each channel is 1A for maximum number of 8 connecting channels, therefore for 240v version the maximum loading length by each channel is 40.85meter for red/yellow color and 29.09 meter for blue/ Products green/white colors ;24v version ,it is   2.7mt for red/yellow colors and 2.44 meters for blue/green/white colors.
  • flexo LED RGB version  managed with special controller RGB flexo  LED can present 7 different color (red,green,yellow,blue, purple ,cyan, white)  and simple effect of light and color changing.The output of RGB LEDs are mixed and diffused to produce different colors .

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