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ASP - EVF series


EVF Series - ASP made in Italy

EVF series lighting fixtures have a protection shock-resistant tempered glass tube directly cemented on to the end heads provided with threaded cover. The ends are rigidly sustained by an external metal channel that acts as reflector also. All the electrical components are assembled on a special metal slide for easier maintenance.
Type of protection    II2 GD EEXd IIC - T5T 100c to T4 135c
Application standards   EN 61241 RN 60529 
certificate of conformity ISSEP 03 ATEX 011 
Room temperature of use   -20c +40c /-20c -+55c
Zone of use   1-2 22-22

ASP EVAC series


EVAC Series

EVAC series lighting fixtures may also be equipped with mercury vapour lamp, sodium vapour lamp and metal halide lamp. The relevant ballast is housed in a separate enclosure.
Max tension  - 120 /280V -50/60HZ
lamp power  80-400w
Body : Marine grade coper free aluminium
Glass : Borosilicate glass
Cage guard : Galvanized steel protection ( optional )
Reflector : white enamelled reflector ( optional )
Type of protection   II 2 GD EEX d IIc -T6/T2 T80c/T290c
Applicable standards EN60079.0,EN 60079.1,EN 61241 ,EN 60529
Room temperature of use  -20c + 52c
Zone of use  1-2-21-22



CSE - made in Australia
Type  Of  prx dIIB (TS)
Applicable standards  AUS EX3616
Zone of Use    1-2
Degree of Protection  IP66
  • die cast marine grade alumnium body
  • polycarbonate lens
  • stainless steel mounting bracket
  • stainless steel hardware
  • powder coated zinc seal internal reflector
  • battery backup 3 hrs

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