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illumination lighting solutions for your home and for projects of any scale.

Fibera sint /polymetric fiber optics

There are polymer fiber cables for either side light emission or end-light emission. These fibers normally make it possible to get more marked bend radius and allow the installer to prepare the fiber harness autonomously.
Side-light versions can be used to create neon-like, directional, star-like, glittering effects, lighting at long distances. Elinca makes exclusive use of very high performance PMMA optical fibers to obtain the best results.

Starry sky
The starry sky kits are available with different number and diameter of end light fiber optics in relation with the surface to realize.
It is necessary to define the position of the light source and then to choose the most suitable solution considering the length of the fibers and their quantity.
In order to obtain a more realistic effect, the light sources are available with glittering effect or changing colour wheel.
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