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illumination lighting solutions for your home and for projects of any scale.

Modo LED

A new variant in the Modo collection is the innovative Modo LED.
Modo LED is a recessed fitting available in 7 LED version, in warm white tone 3000K with 15° or 40° lenses.
The structure is in metal sheet with 30° adjustable optic group on two axis; heat sink included. Protection degree IP20.
Powered at 350, 500 and 700mA, driver excluded.

Aqua 3 RGB
The new Aqua 3 RGB is a recessed spot of the collection created to obtain colored and powerful light scenes on ceilings, walls and floors.
Aqua 3 RGB is available in 3 LEDx1W version.
the body is in turned anodized aluminum, tempered transparent glass; the protection degree is IP67. Recessed box included; driver

More led downlight 


Philips Master LED GU10 Dimmable Warm white for replacement of MR16 50w halogen lamp
The Philips Master LED 7 watt warm or Cool White Dimmable LED reflector light bulb is the ultimate ultra energy saving light bulb on the market with its impressive instant start facility & 45,000 hours of average lifetime and developing  50 watts of Cool white power. With a 40 degree beam angle.
Applications of use
GU10 Down light fittings for the home,office,bars & the hotel industry.

Led color changing suitable for cove lighting
Intelligent LED RGB Cove Lights meets specifications for dry locations. It
other tight spaces.
LED RGB Cove Lights is modular in design, and projects a soft-edge strip of
light at an 85 degrees beam angle. Using IR Remote Controller, a run of
multiple Cove Lights can be set to dynamic sequences such as the Rainbow
Chasing, or synchronized to produce a soothing, uniform visual effect.
LED RGB Cove Lights is available in fixed lengths of 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 cm.
Each segment is cased in a molded aluminum housing. The housing snaps
directly into a one-pieces mounting clip. The integral mounting clips
simplifies installation and permits 0 + 30 + 45 + 60 + 90 degrees of rotation.
The master RGB driver equipped with comparable IR remote control
transmitter. Cove lights can be connected together thru end-to-end locking
connectors. Each RGB driver controls cove lights length up to three meters.
Maximum to 12 RGB drivers (36 meters length of cove lights) works as a
group thru IR remote control&one acts as the master.

WHITE COLOR Static display of white color (tricolor)
FIX COLOR Static display of a single color
COLOR WASH MODE Colors transition gracefully from color to color
COLOR JUMP MODE A sequence of colors step or jump from one color to the next
FADE-IN / FADE-OUT Colors cycle back and forth fading between two colors
RAINBOW CHASING A sequence of colors appear in chasing
brings color changing light and lighting effects to alcoves, accent areas and

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